In this case :

  • Identify the stakes of this scanning

  • Access the digital twin images

  • Discover the process and metrics of this scan

    As part of the digital transition of the building supported by the plan "BIM 2022" our teams at S3D Services have met the teams of the Sustainable Real Estate Service of the French Greater East Region, which as public prime contractor operate and maintain several million square meters of buildings, most of which receive public. One of their challenges is to understand in a very operational fashion how to digitize the existing buildings, both indoors and outdoors, as accurately, quickly and economically as possible.


Read the case of mapping of Gabriel Voisin high school in Troyes!

The company

A subsidiary of LevelS3D, S3D Services offers services tailored to the requirements of owners of infrastructure or large buildings.

As the leading French partner in NavVis technology, S3D Services thus carries a range of very competitive services and solutions that allow you to:

  • Digitize your buildings in 3D,
  • access your digital twin in point cloud and high definition panoramic photos,
  • provide your employees, partners and customers with indoor navigation solutions,
  • connect your information systems and IoT to the IndoorViewe
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